Restarting ...

I have decided that it is time to restart my blog. I have missed not posting over the last few years consistently due to personal reasons but now that everything has calmed down in my life it is time for me to concentrate on the things I love to do.

Step one - is rebooting my blog. 
Step two - rebooting my youtube channel

Restarting will consist of sharing my life and my journey through living life large on a small budget. We are a one income family living our best life. Enjoying time spent with friends and family along the way. 

 You can look forward to seeing new posts from me starting on July 1st. 

I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to start and we will see where things go from there. 

Until then have a wonderful June.

Real Food on Budget
Week of December 10, 2018.

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is in full swing. I thought I was going to be ahead of everything having all my Christmas shopping done by November 30th and that includes my wrapping as well. 

Apparently, I needed to get things done early because life has decided to put a curve in my plans. We are now dealing with a bit of a health crisis in our family. Everything I had planned has been tossed out the window as we deal with heart problems of a loved one. Planning my meals to keep my family on track is even more important now that we don't know what each day will bring. 

Between doctors and hospital visits, we are trying to live our life as normal as possible. Sitting around and waiting for something to happen has never been our way to live life. We will continue to be part of things with family and friends to help maintain normalcy in our life. If you think of it please say a little prayer for our family. We could sure use it.  

My instant pot is getting a work out when preparing our family meals because we can eat a homecooked meal that can be prepared very quickly and it always so tasty.   

$75 for a family a week
~ Menu ~ 

Garden Vegetable Soup
Chicken Tortellini Soup
Roast with potatoes and carrots in slow cooker/instant pot
Rotisserie Chicken, Rice, Veggies
Pork Chops with Onions, Potatoes, Broccoli
Homemade Pizza
Broccoli and Cheese Soup with Garlic Toast

- is always leftovers from the night before
Grilled Cheese


Bagels w' Cream Cheese


What is your favourite slow cooker or instant pot meal?

7 Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning up the Heat

They are calling for snow this weekend in Southwestern Ontario. We have had quite a few cold days already. Over the years I have tried a few things to cut costs and save on our heating bill. A little background - our house is over 160 years old and I don't like to keep my house really warm I have my thermostat set to 19.5c/67f. Here are a few things that have helped my family keep our costs down over the years. 

Winterize your windows - I live in an old house and find some of our windows very drafty, two of them in particular right now it is not in our budget to replace them so we winterize them with plastic over the top of them to keep the cold out and the heat in our house. 

Clean your furnace filters - Keep clean filters in your furnace helps maintain the efficiency of the furnace. 

Use your fan - Switch the direction of your ceiling fan and put it on a low speed so it can push the hot air from the ceiling back down. 

Grab a blanket - We have a few comfy blankets we keep in our living area to snuggle under to keep warm on the cooler nights. 

Hot drinks - Are perfect for warming you from the inside out. Grab a coffee or cup of tea. 

Layer up - Keep a sweater handle and dress in layers so they can be added and removed as the temperature changes in the house. 

Let the sunshine in - As soon as the sun comes up for the day I open all the curtains so the sun can warm up our house and when it sets I close them to keep the warmth in the house. 

Let's Chat!

What are some things you do in the winter months to reduce heating costs?


Next to paying for rent or a mortgage one of the largest expenses for most households including our own is food. The rising costs of food have really got me thinking about our food budget.

Have you noticed that the sizes of products keep shrinking but the price either stays the same or keeps rising. I can not be the only one that is noticing this. 

I have found a few tricks the grocery stores seem to be doing to make us think that we are still getting our monies worth when really the size of the product is getting smaller and the price is staying the same. 

1. Is it really a CLEARANCE price?
Have you ever noticed how the larger quantity of items goes on sale and yet when you double check in the aisle you can clearly see if you purchase a few of the smaller size items and make them equal the larger one that buying more smaller ones is more economical then buying the larger on clearance. 

2. There is a SALE tag so it must be a good deal right? Not always so. It is important to check your prices when buying anything on sale. It is not always a good deal because it has a sale tag, we are just programmed to think that it is. 

3. When paying by the pound you need to double check the pricing and the weight of the item. I do notice that a lot of places have pay by weight but yet they have no scale in site for you to double check how much you will be paying. Always ask for them to let you know before you give up your hard earned money on the item. 

Remember it is your money and you should always double check the pricing of the items you are purchasing. Follow these tips and you would be tricked at the check out to pay more for your groceries.

Let's Chat!

What do you do to save on groceries?