5 Ways I Saved in July

Being intentional with our money is very important to me. I don't want money to control what we do I want to be able to control what I do with our money. 

In July I saved money 5 different ways. Saving money allows us to be able to pay cash for surprises such as needing to put in a new windshield wiper transmission to the tune of $350. It was so nice to be able to have the cash on hand to pay for this instead of using a credit card. Because we have been much more intentional about our money we have an emergency fund on hand to cover almost all of our unexpected expenses.

Cool Off in the Pool

We do have a pool in our backyard which makes is really nice for cooling off after some time in the heat and this summer it has been really hot so our pool is getting a lot of us. We saved money by not having to use the public pool which costs $3/person to swim in.


Shaylin's sister cleaned out her closet and gave Shayiln some hand me downs. I love that all my daughters wear the same size in clothes. It really can save me money since my oldest two daughters buy their own clothes. They are adults and live on their own. 

Dog Grooming

This is something I don't think about but we save dollars on every other month because we groom our dog ourselves. From cutting her nails to trimming her fur. This saves us about $80 in our area.


I got sick of the heat this month so I decided I needed a shorter hair. So out came the scissors and off I cut my hair. I love the length of it now and I didn't have to book an appointment or pay for a haircut. That alone is at least a $25 savings.

Turned Off Air Conditioning

This is not an easy one with the temperatures we have been having but I decided to try to go without our air con on as long as we could. We do have a pool to cool off in after all. And we have gone over a week without air con on. 

How did you save this month?

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Real Food on Budget
Week of August 13, 2018.

I am back!!!

I have taken a hiatus for a few months while I recovered from Caregiver Burnout from caring for my daughter and her medical needs for the last 8 years. I am human and I can not do everything and take on everything and everyones needs 24/7. I have started to say NO to things that I really don't want to do and enjoy my time with my family. 

Even though I have been on a hiatus I have continued to stay on budget with our food purchases and menu planning. I really find that for me it takes the stress out of my life by knowing what we are going to be eating for our meals every night.

$75 for a family a week

Meals this week:

Chicken, Fried Rice
Spaghetti & Meatballs, Garlic Bread
Shepherd's Pie
Enchiladas, Spanish Rice
HM Panzerotti & Sauce
Grilled Chicken, Vegetables
HM Burgers, Salads


Our lunches usually consist of dinner leftovers. 
- Salad
- Soup
- Egg Salad


- Fresh Fruit (Oranges, Strawberries & Apples)
- Toast
- Bagels
- Oatmeal


- Brownies
- Cookies

$ 5.97   Bread (3 loaves)
   2.97   Sour Cream
   6.00   Frozen Vegetables (3 bags)
   1.97   Celery

Leftover for next week - $58.09

Items on hand:

- Onions
- Potatoes
- Carrots
- Frozen Vegetables
- Rice
- Chicken Breast
- Turkey Meatballs (Frozen)
- Ground Chicken
- Chicken Thighs
- Ground Turkey
- Chicken Legs
- Pork Chops
- Pasta Sauce
- Pasta (Various)
- Bread
- Wraps
- Pears
- Apples
- Grapes
- Oranges
- Cheese
- Creamed Cheese
- Quinoa

If you are looking for more menu inspiration be sure to check out Orgjunkie, she hosts a weekly menu plan Monday link up.   


Do you try to keep your staple items always on hand and stocked up?


I am taking a blogging hiatus until April 30th. I thank you for stopping by and there are still some amazing articles to read on my blog while I am on hiatus. 

Looking forward to sharing some amazing tips and financial strategies with you when I am back. See you when I return!  

5 Tips for Easter on a Budget

Growing up Easter was one of my favorite holidays, we would do Easter egg hunts both at home and at relatives houses and we would always receive a basket full of goodies. Even though we lived life on a budget growing up, as I still do today my parents always made Easter very special. I knew it was important with my own children to develop special traditions for the Easter holiday so they could have the fond memories that I had of this day growing up.

Here are a few ways that we keep Easter on a budget:

1. Reuse your Easter baskets year after year this will let eliminate the cost of buying new baskets every year. Your children will also get used to what basket belongs to them making it easier for them to find it on Easter morning.

2. Remember to fill the bottom of the basket fully with filler to give the look of a full basket even when there is only a few items in it. Here are some great alternatives to using grass in the basket that takes up more space. 

3. If you remembered to freeze some of your Halloween candy because let's face it the children get so much of it at Halloween, now it the time to take it out and add it to the Easter basket.

4. There is no reason to buy the Easter dye kits in the store, just reach into your cupboard and grab some of your food coloring and just mix 1 tablespoon of food coloring with 2 teaspoons of vinegar in a cup and then fill it to the halfway point with water and you are ready to begin coloring your Easter eggs.

5. My biggest tip for doing Easter on a budget will not help you this year, but will help you next year remember to check the sales after Easter to pick up decorations and baskets that would be appropriate for your children saving a ton on the price and helping you stay on budget for next year.