There are so many things you can do without spending money it is crazy. Put your thinking cap on and just pull out your pen and paper and think of things you can do that do not cost money. Think out of the box. Pick up your local free paper and see what is happening in your area. You don't even have to pick up your local paper if you are reading this just google your area and find out what is happening this week or fall. 

Whether you are strapped for cash or saving for that perfect vacation it doesn't mean that you can not have fun and enjoy time together with your family and friends. tWe are trying to teach our daughter that fun doesn't always cost money. A few weeks ago I shared some ideas on how to do a money free weekend

 1. Go Sightseeing
 2. Take you pet for a walk
 3. Use YouTube videos to sing karaoke
 4. Grab your camera and live life through a lens for the day
 5. Volunteer for a local organization
 6. Window shop
 7. Throw a potluck
 8. Watch your favourite movies with your friends
 9. Go for a drive
10. Play tennis or throw some hoops

If the weather isn't nice for doing some things outdoors be sure to check out my 10 Boredom Busters ideas

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What are some FREE activities you like to do with your family and friends?

Bruschetta Chicken (Video Included)

Making a healthy meal can be quick, easy, and delicious! Creating a healthy meal does not mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen. I do not have time in my day to spend hours in the kitchen. I love recipes that are healthy and easy to make like my Bruschetta Chicken. 

Bruschetta Chicken

4 Chicken Breasts (mine were thick so I filleted them)
1/3 cup Flour
1 Large Egg

1/4 cup Dry Bread Crumbs
1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese
1 TBSP Butter, melted

1 Large Tomato, chopped
2 TBSP Basil (fresh is preferred)
1 TBSP Olive Oil
2 cloves Garlic, minced
Salt & Pepper to taste

  • Pre-heat over to 375*
  • Dip chicken breasts flour and then egg and place in 10x13 baking pan. 
  • Mix up bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and butter. Place mixture on top of chicken breasts in the pan. 
  • Cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes. 
  • Prepare Bruschetta mixture of tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • Pull off the tin foil and bake for another 10 minutes. 
  • During the last 5 minutes of baking add bruschetta mixture to the top of the chicken. 

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What is a meal that you make that is quick and healthy and your family loves to eat?                                         

*** It's just my life... was supplied meat and cookware from www.ShopeaseFoods.com. The recipes, video and photos are my own. The opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. ***

Budget Menu Planning
Week of September 11, 2017

To make meal planning easy on my myself I tend to have a few of the same go to meals that I rotate around month after month. We do not get tired of eating them because I usually choose our favourites to make so because we like them so much we don't get tired of making them. Every other week I like to throw in a new recipe to try on my family. They are always such troopers when it comes to trying new recipes. 

~Monday ~
Rotisserie Chicken
Mashed Potatoes

~ Tuesday ~
Chicken Quesadillas

~ Wednesday ~ 
Instant Pot Crustless
Chicken Pot Pie
Homemade Buns

~Thursday ~
Salisbury Steak
Fried Onions
Potato Wedges

~ Friday ~ 
Homemade Panzerotti

~ Saturday ~ 
Grilled Chicken

~ Sunday ~

Chili served in 
Bread Bowls

~ Baking this week ~
Apple Oatmeal Cookies
~ Breakfast Ideas ~
Fresh Fruit

If you are looking for more menu inspiration be sure to check out Orgjunkie, she hosts a weekly menu plan Monday link up.   


How does your family react when you try new recipes?


Many people have hopped on the frugal train over the years whether it has been to pay off debt or make better use of their resources. We have been living frugally for so long it has become just a way of living for us. The main reason we started living frugally over 25 years ago was that we decided it would be better for me to be a stay at home mom than work outside of the home and pay for a huge daycare bill every week.  

habits of frugal people

1. Frugal people cook from scratch - We love making our meals every night. We save a ton of money by not eating out. Thinking ahead about your menu for the week definitely, keeps me on track. Even if you are not much of a cook there are videos on youtube that can help you create some delicious meals and save money at the same time.

2. Frugal people value quality - I think the biggest misconception is that because I am frugal I don't value quality over price. To be honest that is one of the things I value most is quality. If I am spending my hard earned money on an item I want the item to last and even have value after I am done with it so maybe I can resell it and make money on it.

3. Frugal people repair things - I am so fortunate to have a husband that knows how to do not only basic repairs but complex ones. If we need repairs done to our car I do the price searching for the best price on the item and order it in so my husband can do the repairs himself saving money. The one thing we have stopped doing over the years is our oils changes. We are getting older and the time it takes to do it compared to bringing it into the garage to have it done well it just isn't worth it for us. You have to decide what is worth it to save money fixing and doing on your own as opposed to having someone come and do the work for you.

4. Frugal people community resources frequently - I love the resources that are free to use in our community. At our library, we can take out DVD's, books, e-books, as well as different programs they offer to the community for little to no cost at all. We have a great biking trail that runs through our city and from the biking trails you can explore the many parks in our city which are also free to use. There are the yearly festivals that go on in many cities that are free to attend just pack up some snacks and bring a chair and take in the events.

5. Frugal people like to stay home - Going out costs money! Instead of heading out when I have a day off I like to stay home and enjoy my family. Sometimes we do a movie night and pick something all of us would like to watch on Netflix and pop some popcorn or make a snack. Your children grow up way to fast so why not find something free to do with the kids and just enjoy this time in your life. 

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