Supermom’s Healthy Lemonade

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

The single most popular recipe I share with other moms is the one for my Healthy Lemonade. It’s super easy, and so good! There’s nothing to it:
Take two lemons and squeeze the juice out of them. (I just use a hand juicer that cost about $2 at the grocery store.)
Put the juice into a two quart pitcher, and then fill it the rest of the way with pure water.
Add 2-4 droppers full of Sweet Leaf Stevia. You can use the Lemon Drop flavor, which is very popular, the plain (which is great because it’s so versatile), or a fun flavor like Grape, Valencia Orange, or Apricot Nectar.
Stir and enjoy!

Stevia is an herbal sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar, but has zero calories, zero carbs, and a zero glycemic index! The calories from the lemon juice is approximately 25 calories for the entire pitcher of lemonade. The lemon water is great for cleaning your liver and gallbladder, for keeping your pH level healthy, and for fighting off kidney and gall stones. My whole family loves this lemonade, including the kids. We have been able to reduce our juice purchase by 50-75% thanks to drinking this sweet, tasty, and HEALTHY lemonade all the time. Try it–you’ll love it.

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