Menu Planning Monday - January 26th

Sunday, January 25, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

Be sure to check out for more menu planning ideas. It is always a great way to start off your week. Helps get things in order for the week ahead.

~ Monday ~
breakfast - bran muffins and yogurt
lunch - Soup, apple slices
snack - snack mix (cheerios, shreddies, pretzels mix)
supper - chicken meat pies, fries and salad

~ Tuesday ~
breakfast - bagels and yogurt
lunch - leftovers
snack - organic animal crackers
supper - meatloaf, HM mac n' cheese, HM buns

~ Wednesday ~
breakfast - english muffins and fresh fruit
lunch - grilled cheese, apple slices, yogurt
snack - yogurt
supper - turkey breast, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, coleslaw

~Thursday ~
breakfast - oatmeal and fresh fruit
lunch - cheese, ham, pears
snack - organic teddy bear crackers
supper - Italian Bacon Drumettes, rice, peas

~ Friday ~
breakfast - bagels and yogurt
lunch - leftovers
snack - yogurt
supper - pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, mixed veggies

~ Saturday ~
breakfast - waffles
lunch - HM Mac n' Cheese
snack - cereal snack mix
supper - spare ribs, rice, beans

~ Sunday ~
breakfast - muffins/bagels
lunch - Soup
snack - yogurt
supper - enchiladas, garden salad

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  1. It's cool that you also plan breakfast and lunch! We all pretty much eat those on our own (my youngest is 18--it's rare we all eat any meal together these days.)
    Your Friday menu looks especially good. I love pork tenderloin! I always stock up my freezer when they are on sale.