Thoughts on coupon clipping...

Thursday, January 29, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Many people have told me that clipping coupons is not something worth while here in Canada because we don't really get any here. Well to my surprise I decided to start collecting them in November and let me tell you the amount I have saved is unbelievable. I am making a spread sheet of how much I have saved so far this year to see how much I actually am saving as well as posting all my finds using coupons and I will start posting where I got the coupons from.

I have found to be a wonderful site for coupons. I go on all the time to request coupons for things we always buy. Then I watch for sales on the items and get the items for really good prices. I tend to stock up on certain items that we go through a lot so that allows me to just hit the sales with the coupons as I usually have a surplus. I will also say that I have been doing this only since December let's say and I already have a stocked cupboard on most health and beauty type products.

Enough babbling... time to show you all some tips...One of the biggest tips I can give is... Smart Canucks this site is beyond amazing... the deals and things people work out are terrific. I love it there.

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