Walmart deals today....

Monday, January 26, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

I can't begin to tell you all how excited I am today about the deals I got at Walmart. It even made my husband smile. I also had a wonderful cashier at Walmart.

Kelloggs cocoa krispie straws... reg 2.97 sale 1.47 coupon 0.75off paid $0.72
Glade wisp flameless candle reg. 9.98 coupon 1 FREE paid $0.00
Glade scented oil plugins reg. 5.87 coupon 1 FREE paid $0.00
Olay body wash reg. 4.97 *PM 3.99 (x3) coupon $10off paid $2.97
Dove body wash reg. 4.72 (x2) coupon B1G1 paid $4.72
Pantene reg. 3.00 (x2) coupon 2.50(when buy 2) paid $3.50

regular price total... 49.17
sale price total... 44.73
coupon total... 33.82
Total paid... 11.91

I plan on using the glade candle products as gifts coming up when I do some gift baskets up. I really can't believe how much I saved today... I also have more lists and coupons to use at other stores we shop at if we are near them this week. I am not going to go out of my way to get the deals... I figure if I am in the area doing something else than I can stop in otherwise I would be wasting my gas getting the deals.

*PM = price matched

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  1. Hey AnneMarie!
    I love your blog. Here's what I can't figure out - how are you ladies finding these great backgrounds and stuff? All I'm stuck with is the generic boring stuff that the website offers.
    And another question - where do you get those great coupons??? I think whether we need to or not, we all need to practice being frugal - although we're in the 'need to' boat, so I'd love to know where you find these deals :)

    I'm gonna try that yoghurt, but my kids can get picky so I'm already assuming that they'll say something like "this just isn't the same, it's not right, I don't like it...." But I'm trying it anyway. Thanks for posting the recipe!