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Thursday, February 12, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I thought I would share how I save money where I live in Southwestern Ontario.

I buy cheaper cuts of meat and tenderize/marinate them. I find also by cooking them in the slowcooker it realy makes the meat tender because of the long slow cooking process. Our local grocery store has a large selection of meats on sale for 50% off first thing in the morning but you have to be there early to cash in on this deal. We have gotten a prime rib for $6 and it fed our large family. The meat deals are a hit and a miss first thing in the morning.

For us we attend a potluck two times a month currently and with everyone contributing to the meal you get wonderful company and lots of different food for a fraction of the cost.

Our local drug store has a great points program where you collect the points and it adds up to money in your pocket. I only shop on the 20 times the points weekend there and with coupons I might add so I get the benefits of both using coupons and earning money. I also find they do have great sales on health and beauty products as well as some food products.

We do have a few indulgences that we do like ... for instance my children really like French Vanilla Cappacino and we have it at our local Bulk Barn store so every now and then in their flyer they have coupons for $3 off a $10 order. I try to stick to the $10 as much as possible so it is like getting a 30% savings.

I also keep a list of when the coupons come out in the local newspaper and I will sometimes run out and buy it if the coupons are really good. Otherwise I will wait and pick up the coupons from my inlaws here in town who get two copies of the coupons and always keep them for me.

Weekly menu planning helps a whole lot with saving money and makes it a lot easier for not having to go out and buy any meals.

I try to buy clothes second hand from consignment shops, garage sales, and online sales.

Use coupons but I find to do this you can not have brand name loyalty to get the complete savings from it. If I can't find it on sale I end up buying store brand.

Budget creatively.... some people use envelope system for all their months or weeks spending and when the money is gone from that envelope than that's it no more spending in that area.

Grab your scissors and cut fabric softener sheets in half as well as sponges and scouring pads.

If you want to treat yourself by going out for dinner or lunch than remember to use coupons.

And lastly.... start a coupon group. I plan on doing this here shortly as soon as a come up with a method on how to run one. You might have coupons other might use and so forth.

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