Laundry Room Makeover...

Thursday, February 05, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 3 Comments

My laundry room is in great need of a makeover. I would like to do the makeover by re-purposing what we already have. Well basically there is no option we have to re-purpose what we have.

I am going downstairs to take measurements and make a list of my requests to my husband. I want a brighter laundry room more inviting. Can laundry be inviting? Anyway... I don't want it to be that catch all for everything. I want it to have a purpose. I need a few things in there.... so I am off to figure things out for our laundry room.

Anyone have any ideas?


  1. I once saw at a home show, A HOT pink painted floor. IT WAS AWESOME. The walls.....i cant remember.

  2. I think in a laundry room you can "get by" with wild colors and things you wouldn't normally do in any other room... plus you WANT it to be fun going in there right? Figure out what exactly you want to do in that room (is it an actual room?) and go from there. If it's JUST laundry, then you need a bit of storage, a rack to hang clothes, a table or surface to fold things... can't wait to see pictures...

  3. Today I have green eyes....they are usually blue.
    You have an actual room for the laundry?!?
    Lucky, lucky, girl.
    I have a very small corner of our basement. And I do mean small...imagine an washer, dryer and a single laundry tub wtih enough room to stand in front of all three at the same time. Sigh! :(
    I agree with "Teri in CO" but like "mamamariannes" idea of a bright pink floor.
    Good luck with whatever you do.