Grocery Prices Soar (article)

Monday, March 02, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

There was an article in the London Free Press on February 28,2009 This is just not in Canada but every where. We need to use all the tips and tricks to save money grocery shopping and with cooking now more than ever.

  1. Always take a list to the grocery store stick to it
  2. Try to shop with what is on sale
  3. Make a meal plan
  4. Use coupons (yes there is coupons available for Canadians too)
  5. When recipes call for chicken breasts (the most expensive cut) substitute with cheaper cuts
  6. Keep your leftovers and freeze it and make it into a soup once a week
  7. Brown bag lunch to work
  8. Buy in bulk (sometimes cheaper)
  9. Buy fresh fruits and produce when on sale
  10. Avoid pre-packaged single serving items as they are more expensive
  11. Stock up on your favourite cereal when it is on sale
  12. Sales usually rotate on about a 12 week basis
  13. Be realistic about the food you really need
  14. Don't shop when you are hungry
  15. Compare prices by per unit
  16. Buy a whole chicken and cut it into pieces as it is cheaper that way
  17. Make your own deserts (trust me it will taste better)
  18. Go without your kids
  19. Bring a calculator
  20. Make sure scanned price is posted price on the shelf

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