How does your garden grow???

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

We have planted seeds or started them indoors now. And they are growing yeah!

Onions ~ Annual Bunching
  • they are about 2" in height already
Cucumbers ~ Earliest Mincu
  • they are now 4" to 5" tall and we have 40 plants up so far
  • the leaves are 1" to 2"
Tomatoes ~ Golden Queen, Sweet Cherry, Roma, Christmas Grape, Beefsteak
  • on average they are 1" to 2" tall now
  • with two leaves showing and a third one coming in.
I plan to take some pictures of them later today and I will post them with this so you can all see what is happening.

This is our gardening project but also helps with our science unit for homeschooling.

I am looking into doing my first herb garden and my husband wants to plant some grapes.

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