Now that it is nice out....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

It is time to think about saving on laundry. I know hanging out laundry in the middle of a Canadian winter is not pleasing to anyone but now that the nicer weather is here why not take full advantage of it. I know for us it has made a huge difference in our monthly electrical bill. So now with the temperatures that have decided to bless us this pass weekend and the temperatures coming my laundry will be making it's way to the clothesline. We are a family of 6 mainly teens and adults and one little girl who LOVES to change her clothes whenever the mood strikes here despite our request not to.

Only a monthly basis we are probably saving $25 to $30/month.

I would love to have the clothesline with the cemented in posts like my mom used to have when I was a child but alas no room at our house and we don't have that kind of money sitting around so an umbrella clothesline it is. We use ours hard and I think this year I have to replace the cord to put on it as last year it was getting a bit warn. It does have to last through some pretty intense Canadian winters.

If you don't have money for an umbrella clothesline what about just picking up the nylon line and getting creative by using trees to hang it on or whatever you have in your backyard will work.

Here are a few tips for hanging your clothes outside:
  • hang your clothes inside out to avoid fading.
  • remember to give your a snap before hanging as it will reduce wrinkles
  • Hanging matches together like socks and corresponding tops and bottoms easier when you take it off the line.
  • hang shirts on hangers it takes one step away when taking it off the line it can go right into your closet
  • be sure not to hang things but their collar as you don't want the collar to stretch out

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