Thoughts from March... welcome April

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I love starting a new month it is such a fresh start.

I am going to look back on March and see how it went... what we could have done differently...
  • Thrift shopping spent $2.28 on a doll for little one and some magazines I wanted to read I love recipes!!!
  • now using all cloth bags for all our shopping and they hold so much more
  • forgot menu plan last week.... things go smother when I menu plan
  • got our tax refund and then extra due to an over payment of pay back money to EI YEAH!!!
  • continued to use the library for viewing and reading material is it FREE!
  • went to visit new born chicks that were hatched for FREE again!
  • saved tons by shopping the sales and using my coupons!
I plan on getting a list of goals together for April here shortly so I can be held accountable. So much going on here I will share shortly.

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