Summer Ideas...

Thursday, June 04, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I thought I would post some summer ideas for children. The I'm bored always sets in at some point and why not combat it with a list of things to do.

  1. have a tea party
  2. Bubbles ~ always keep them on hand they are hours of fun Here is a recipe to make your own: Put 1 quart of water in a shallow tub.
    Stir in 1/2 cup sugar until it dissolves. Add 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid and stir again. Use a slotted spoon or a fly swatter as a dipper, or for really large bubbles, cut the ends off a frozen juice can. Dip one end in the bubbles and blow through the other.
  3. teach your child to garden
  4. camp in the backyard
  5. create an obstacle course to play on ~ These obstacles are sure to delight you kids.
    -Walking or hopping along a winding a garden hose.
    -Crawling under lawn chairs.
    -Balancing along a string.
    -Walking with a ball between your knees.
    -Add an oscillating sprinkler to any of the above!
    Obstacle builders could be lawn furniture, a hose, string or rope, sprinkler, balls, water balloons, jump rope
    Add movements like jumping, rolling etc. What fun!
  6. Tent time ~ put up a play tent for them to play in outside
  7. A Drive Inn if you have one ~ don't forget the blankets and snacks
  8. Make a summer scrapbook of what you do this summer
  9. Picnic at the park for dinner or lunch
  10. summer concerts
  11. visit a museum
  12. have a lemonade stand
  13. work on a puzzle together
  14. thrift shopping is always fun
  15. yard saling
  16. spray water parks are open now as well as why not just use your backyard sprinkler
  17. a trip to the library
  18. go out to get some ice cream
  19. water balloon fight
  20. browse a toy store on a hot day to get a break from the heat
  21. make milkshakes or smoothies
  22. end the day with a Popsicle to cool down
  23. play with sidewalk chalk
  24. make your own treasure hunt
  25. movie night in the afternoon to beat the hottest part of the day

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