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Thursday, August 13, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

I came across a statistic the other day that indicated 85 per cent of families who have children with special needs break down. Eighty-five percent! Then I got to thinking as a parent of a special needs child myself I think about the daily stresses of my life and realize what happens here in my life is something that most people would not even want to come visit. Trust me I have given an invitation for anyone to come over and see what life is like with my special needs child. So far no takers on the invitation. Not even for a quick stop in.

But this statistic just seems keep standing out at me... if this is true or even close to being true then why is the government not standing up and supporting these families and not just governments but social systems, schools, friends and even family members. These families need support they do not need to made to feel like they have the plague and they are constant outsiders.

I often think of the constant stress on the other children in the family.... the constant interruptions in our life to deal with the day to day things (doctors appointments, therapists, etc). I think of my children often and how much it has changed for them since our miss mew came into our lives. They have learned things children of their age don't even read about. They have seen the effects of alcohol first hand and what it does to a baby/child. They have held their helpless baby sister as she was experiencing seizure after seizure knowing that there was nothing they could do but maybe comfort her.

I have seen my children become so patient and kind to others, casting no judgment on anyone because you just don't know what they might be dealing with even if you can't see it. They have experienced things most people do not experience in their lives. We try to make time just for them... taking them out one on one for a coffee, for a walk or just a talk and sometimes shopping. Just alone time with one of us.

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