NGBTS "Not going back to school"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

We attended a not going back to school picnic. It was held in a city nearby and since my husband was heading into the city for the day we thought we could drop him off and have some fun.

Well after dropping off our daughter at school... special art school she is 18 ... we ventured to the park. The picnic was okay I guess but my daughter seemed to be left out of stuff and things happened... her being attacked by a dog... marks on her face, neck, arms, legs, etc. Not a good day. I child painting on the back of my shirt. The list goes on.... we went to eat lunch and well there were way to many bees so we went to our van to eat... and then decided to just go for some ice cream and head back to my parents empty house. Not a very good day. Oh well maybe next time will be better.

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