Child's sleep priority one at our house!

Sunday, October 18, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

After being out last night at a church event and asking if we would be attending the prayer meeting at 6pm afterwards... I dutifully said no very quickly. Then explained that our daughters sleep time routine is not something that we can mess with. There is only a certain window of opportunity if you will to get her to bed every night and if you are not within that window trust me things are not nice.

I also should mention that my daughter has special needs and routine is vitally important to her well being and then in turn to our well being since we have to live with the after math. So this means we say no to some things no matter how much we would love to attend these things we have to say no because of the time that they take place.

My husband and I have agreed that maintaining a bed time routine is very important to our daughters happiness and therefore our happiness. It isn't worth the price we pay to keep her up late out of routine.

Mind you her early bed time allow my husband and I some alone time and even some time that we can actually get out just the two of us. (for those visiting my blog the first time I do have three older children in my house - 19,18 and 15 and therefore my 5 year old would not be alone)

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