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Monday, October 05, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I love doing things very frugally and now more than ever it is a necessity for my family. We buy flour and oatmeal in bulk for our household. We are a family of 6 ... with only one being a child... and three being teenagers and we almost always have an extra teenager here for most of our dinner time meals.

Here are some ideas we use at our house to make our meals a inexpensive as possible:
As I stated above buying in bulk and cooking from scratch are where we save the most for our family. We make our own yogurt, breads, buns, tortillas, pizza dough you name it.

Pizza dough can be rolled out and made into pizzas, pizza pockets, stromboli and many other things.

Buy vegetables at discounted prices just before they are about to expire and use them for soups and stews. I also dice them up and just put them in the freezer to use a bit later in the week when I get them for a good deal. I do the same thing with bananas when they are on discounted... I bring them home and make them into banana muffins and bread. YUMMY!

Lentils and barley are also great to add to soups and really add to the bulk of them.

Dried beans are much cheaper and taste better then the canned alternative. I make a big pot of them every other week in our house and add them to our meals all week long. Or just have them by themselves with cornbread and rice.

Breakfast ideas: We love oatmeal here so it tends to be our meal of choice along with oatmeal like food. I also make pancakes and waffles from scratch no mixes here. Bagels also homemade.

Snack ideas: Fresh fruit is a favourite, smoothies, apple sauce, sliced fruits with a yogurt dip

Lunch ideas: Various wraps, salad, last night leftovers

Dinner ideas: soups, stews, roast, ham, grilled meat and pasta dishes.

Drinks: sweet tea/ice tea homemade so yummy!

As a special treat I take tortillas and brown them in a pan... and dust them with cinnamon and sugar... and cut them in pieces... so so so yummy!

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