Stockpiling .... that is how I save money...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

What is stockpiling? It is getting items at rock bottom prices and coupons to go along with it and stocking up on them so you do not have to pay regular prices. I stockpile many items when I have coupons and they come on sale. Sometimes getting the items for FREE.

The key is to know what your family uses or will use. I don't stockpile items that we do not normally use unless it is for gifts or I am getting them for FREE. Decide how much of the item you family goes through in say a month or six months... how ever long you want to try to stock pile for. Watch for the items you use to go on sale and watch for coupons for the items you like to purchase. I find coupons in many different places from the coupon center at the Real Canadian Super Store, to the smart shopper flyer that comes in the Elgin County Market, Brandsaver coupon flyer that comes out periodically as well as, and coupons I find while just walking down the aisles at WalMart, Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart, Metro and such. I pick up the coupon if it something we use and if it is not on sale I just keep it until I find it onsale. I don't have to purchase at the store that I picked up the coupon unless it is a store coupon. All manufacturers coupons can be used pretty much anywhere from walmart, zellers, canadian tire, shoppers to rcss, no frills you name it. It is wonderful.

You can get multiple copies of coupons from friends, neighbors and family. My inlaws collect all the coupon flyers that come in for me. My mom also keeps the ones that she finds for me. They all know I use coupons like crazy in this house.

Certain items go on sale at certain times or on a cycle. Learn the cycles. So that you can pick up enough to not have to pay full price for that item until it goes on sale again.

There are also certain items I refuse to pay full price for... there is always sales and coupons and no need to pay full price. I will get the list together and post it in the next few days here.

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