What do you do when you can't pay your bills

Saturday, January 30, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Life has hit many of my friends and even us. My husband has not had a job since November 7, 2008, and we are still standing, making it as we go along.

Here are some things that have helped us:

Cut Budget (big time cut)
We have drastically cut our budget to only our needs and gotten rid of our wants. I know you are all thinking internet you still have it. To that I reply we do, it is our only entertainment and my husband goes to school online so we have to keep it. It is also good for job searching and our children with their school work. It would probably be one of the last items we would ever cut.

Prioritize your bills
Oh I don't care to write that at all because all bills should be a priority but the reality for some is that they just can not make the payment on all of them every month. If that is the case please get a hold of the bill holder and let them know. I have heard some of them are really generous and will work with you as long as you keep whatever arrangements are made to catch the bills up.

Increase money coming in
This is sometimes hard to do and I am the first one to agree with that. I am a homeschooling mom who has the pleasure of looking after other people's children while they are working outside the home. I do this to help my family and because I love the children and it allows me to homeschool my own child while blessing others. I know this line of work is not for everyone but I do find it very rewarding.

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