2010 Olympics in Vancouver, BC, CANADA celebrating a GOLD medal!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 2 Comments

It seems most of Canada has Olympic Fever and who can blame them. It is so exciting to watch all the athletes compete and represent their countries.

I know here at our house we were screaming like crazy to watch Alex Bilodeau win the gold in mogels. Seriously if you haven't heard his story or do not know much about this fine young man you really need to do a search on him and find out what gives him his never give up attitude. Okay... I can't wait for you to google about him... it is his brother Frederic Bilodeau who has cerebral palsy. At age 28, his body is betraying him. Anytime Alex things of leaving the gym or he has pain he thinks of his brother Frederic who truly is his inspiration to go on and keep going on every day.

When you live with a special needs child, it changes your perspective on things completely. The struggles you see them go through on a daily basis as they go about their every day life is sometimes the only inspiration you need to get through your day. I will never forget at our house when my oldest daughter did an art assignment on her hero and I got to read who her hero was and why... and it was her baby sister. A little girl 13 years younger than she is. Her baby sister who has lived and conquered a lot in her then 3 short years of life. She had beat the odds and was still moving forward. And when it is all said and done... I agree with her this priceless daughter I have.... she is my hero too! Beating the odds every day.

Just celebrating a wonderful Olympian!


  1. Oh, so beautiful, so true!

    Go Canada! :)

  2. I was so moved watching this, too. Being a disabled person myself gives me a bit of a different perspective, but I am proud to be Canadian perhaps just even a little bit more in the wake of Alex's story.