2010 Olympics in Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I can not think of a better theme to do right now then the Olympics. It seems most of Canada has Olympic Fever and who can blame them. It is so exciting to watch all the athletes compete and represent their countries.

I am going to be adding links and stuff we do at our house to celebrate the Olympics in our homeland of Canada.

Colouring Pages:
DLTK - coloring pages
Activity Village - coloring pages
First School - sports coloring pages
Olympic Coloring Book
Primary Games - coloring pages
Kid's Turn Central - coloring pages

Craft Ideas:
First School - Lesson Plan
Craft Jr - Olympic Crafts
Free Kids Crafts.com
Kaboose - Olympic Torch

For craft time we are making Gold medals today. I think maybe torches on Friday. Thursday we go to a local playgroup so that eats up most of the day for us.

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