Danone DanActive

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Created by Danone to boost immunity and the bodies natural defenses, these tiny (93 ml) bottles are very tasty. One bottle per day, and these little ‘good guys’ are off to work helping you fight off the effects of poor nutrition, bad weather, stress, etc.

You can read more at Danone’s website.

I wrote this in conjunction with BzzAgent (they sent a coupon for some Danactive, but the product specified was no longer available once I made it to the store.) I did have a chance to consume some however, and it was quite tasty.

Loved the Blueberry!!!! It is so quick and easy and really tasty. Did I mention the blueberry is divine. I have been using this now for a few weeks and I try to have one every day unless I am out of them and I have to say I am not getting sick all the time like last winter so I do believe it is definitely boosting my immunity.

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