Why must everything be a fight???

Wednesday, April 07, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

It seems like everything lately is a fight or a struggle in my life. We don't qualify for this because we make $9 too much... we don't qualify for that because someone in the house is considered this or that. GRRRR!!!! I am so sick and tired of this it is not funny.

I have spent the better part of today on the phone trying to get some sort of drug coverage for my son who is 20 and lives at home due to illness. I am so frustrated I could cry! (oops did that) It is like running in circles.... from one door to another... all being closed in my face. I just want to help my son. I want him to get better and yet they all seem to care... but no one can help. Do you know how frustrating that is???

It came down to one place that told us he will qualify for this... IF we lie.. and write a letter saying we haven't been financially responsible for him.... and for him to write a letter saying we aren't also... so in other words.... everything will be okay if we LIE!!!! Seriously... the government agency we talked to wants us to LIE..... Every bone in a body tells me that is wrong on so many levels. We will NOT LIE to get anything. I was then told well if you want to be honest you lose.... seriously.... when did this world come to this..... LIE you get... be honest you don't get. I am still shaking my head from this experience. I will end this paragraph with we will NOT LIE!

Update much later in the day:
Praise God for a wonderful doctor to get us the script for free again! Without him I am not sure what we would do.

Much prayer is needed as our income is stopping on April 17th.... yep we go to a family of 6 with no income.... we will muddle through with much prayer and continuing to be faithful. We have come so far... some are not sure how we have made it this long... but by the grace of God we have made it and will continue to make it.

I am going to start posting more regularly of what is going on in our life.... my posts have been very sparse but I think people need to see how God continues to provide for us even on the lowest of lows and in the highest of highs.

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  1. Good luck, Annie. I'll be thinking of you guys. What do you need to get through this? What help do you need?