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Saturday, July 17, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

Homeschool Forms.... if you are like me you use a lot of different forms and papers when homeschooling to keep track of various things you do in your homeschool.

I have a new list in my sidebar with various forms and resources for forms I have found online. Please feel free to take a look at them all.

Right now we are just trying to decide on what we are going to do for Grade 1. I do have a friend who has Sonlight grade 1 curriculum but she is not sure she can find it all for us to use... if she does and she can that would be wonderful. Or I will start piecing a few things together for my daughter here shortly. I do have our readers already.... Pathways Publishing is what we will be using. I would love to get my hands on handwritting without tears.... there is a sale going on locally here of homeschool stuff and I hope to pick up a few things there but that is not until late August. We shall see.

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