Internet Bullying/ Digital Bullying

Thursday, December 16, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

Internet Bullying/Digital Bullying what ever you want to call it. What happens when it goes to far??? And how much is too far???

My niece has been bullied online for almost 7 months now. It all happened over a boy who liked her and of course another girl liked the boy too. Let's name the other girl Sarah. I am sure you can see where this is going. I will add that my niece is 13 years old. Sarah is 16 or 17 now.

My niece is being bullied online by Sarah. Sarah has now hacked into her facebook account and very proudly let everyone know she did that by posting so in the status line. She changed all the passwords of course and then sent out not so nice messages to my nieces friends. The local police got involved as well as school officials where my niece attends school.

The problem is that Sarah lives in a totally different province than my niece and they met online through some gaming site. When the boy in question didn't want to be with Sarah she got very upset with my niece. So the bullying got worse. My niece had friends coming up telling her they were made at what she said via facebook even though it was not my niece saying it.

Facebook was contacted and they will not shut down the account or I will say the will shut it down if it is inactive for 14 days.. Well the girl that hacked the account is always on facebook with it so of course they will not take it down because she keeps logging on. Through many authorities we have tried to get facebook to shut it down but to no avail.

This all takes a different turn when back in October Sarah put up hate sites about my niece with very hurtful things posted and when my brother tried to get it all taken down Sarah then attacked my brother. Publishing a horrible blog about him that was totally not true. The problem is that when someone does something on the internet it is basically "free game" as you would call it. They can post what ever they want about you and nothing can be really done about it and this came from the police when my brother went in to show them.

The blogs were removed by blogspot thank goodness at least they care enough to remove them once they were notified by my brother. Thanks blogspot.

But just in the last week more hate sites have appeared about my niece and more hateful things were posted via facebook private messages which resulted last night in my niece being jumped and beaten up by a group of people last night over things that ever posted by Sarah online.

A police report is being made of course but how do we keep my niece safe! We are very concerned about her safety now that this has escalated even further than any of use could ever imagine.

Here is the link to the original article about the whole situation but like I said it has just escalated in the last 10 days.

Link: Parents fed up in case of daughter's cyber bullying

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  1. Aww, I am so sorry to hear that your niece is having to deal with this, it is so sad that people would post such horrible things, I hope and pray that this will all stop and your niece will be able to continue on without all the bullying and fear of getting hurt.