Reflecting back on 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

It is New Year's Eve so what a better time to reflect on 2010 then the present.

The beginning of the year saw my husband in school full time until June 2010. He graduated with Honours with his Home Inspection Certificate. He is trying to get his business going but it really is hard to start a business in an economic downturn.

I did home day care for the whole year... I love the children so much and I have the most amazing parents in the world. Seriously I do. I am so blessed by them. My daycare business is going so well. It has truly helped my family out more than any one can realize.

Our old child moved out this year... okay he is not a child but he still moved out into a nearby city and is doing really well. Adjusting wonderfully but as a mom I still worry about him. That never stops I am sure.

By the end of summer my husband found a temporary job as seasonal staff at a local factory... a job he can handle... so he worked there for about 2 months... and then was laid off for November/December. Working 2 months in 2 years ... you do the math!

Our oldest daughter has applied for university and this will find her moving to a very large city about 2 hours away. Not looking forward to this transition at all. Going to be hard on all of us to adjust that is for sure.

As I look back on 2010 it has been a year of learning, a year of trusting, a year of praying and meditating on God's word. It has been a year of totally trusting in Him and what he wants us to do with our lives.

It really taught me that there is far more riches in life than money and we have been able to enjoy them this year.

Praying for a blessed 2011 for you and your family and mine too!

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  1. You will truely be blessed, as you continue to go to God even when it would be easy to give up. You are so amazing and such an inspiration. I pray that you are blessed this year, and that your husband will find a job, and you will continue to enjoy and grow in your faith and in God's love. You are so strong.
    Have a wonderful New Years