Clearing up my clutter....

Sunday, May 22, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

there are many ways to clear up your clutter. With the technology we have many new ways to clean up clutter in our homes and save money also.

1. DVD clutter - there is netflix canada for only $8/month and although it doesn't have the selection of the USA counter part it does offer a lot of movies and tv shows for this price. Eliminating the need for collecting and buying lots of dvds.

2. Books - eBooks make it a lot easier to not buy. There is the kindle/nook and many others available to use to download books to read.I do admit I still loving smelling the pages of books though. This one is hard for me but convenience over rules in this case.

3. Cable TV - There are so many products on the market to replace cable tv it is not funny. I know for us we use the Boxee Box and it has a lot of Canadian Content and besides the expense of buying the unit and paying for internet you already have that is all it takes. Works like a charm for us but there are others also: apple tv, google tv and western digital TV Live also.

4. Landline phone - There are a few options here in canada to replace this that doesn't cost a lot of money and you only pay for it yearly. We are looking at the options currently.

5. CDs - Ipod/mp3 player helps keep the cost down for CD's if you go onto itunes to download your favourite music. Yes I know you are still paying to download but you do not have the clutter of the CDs around your house.

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