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When I see the word SACRIFICES what comes to my mind? What comes to your mind?

Tonight what comes to my mind is the sacrifices my husband and I have made for our youngest daughter. I know when you have children you sacrifice a lot. I know children are a gift. I don't even want to a but here at all so I will try my very best not to as I know everyone makes sacrifices when they are blessed with children.

Our daughter does not go to sleep on her own. She never has it has been 7 years of sitting with her until she is asleep and if you dare move a muscle before she is asleep she wakes up and you have to start all over again. This has been a routine all her life and our routine for 7 years. It is very tiring and leaving little time for us much less our older children.

We are trying to think of a time adjustment to her bedtime because this 7pm bedtime is not working now that it is light out for so long in the evening. Trying to think of putting it to 8pm is so hard... it requires careful scheduling by my husband because our 7 year old insists on it being only him putting her to bed never me unless he is working or out which rarely happens I might add. I want to help out with this situation.... but for some reason there seems no end in sight.

If anyone has any sort of experience with this I would love some insight... please remember that our daughter does have special needs and changing anything well it is just very difficult!!!!

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