Answers to Boxee Questions

Thursday, June 02, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 2 Comments

I thought I would post some answers to some of the questions from people inquiring about the Boxee Box... I know when we finally took the plunge so to speak to buy one and get rid of our cable there was not to many reviews on them for Canada. Actually very few and the netflix app for Canada was not even out yet we were still using our wii.

I will admit we kept our cable for a while when we first got the boxee just to make sure it was the right decision and then we decided to cancel cable and we even gave up watching our cable and using our PVR totally before our cable was officially gone. We were only using the boxee. We have had the Boxee since the beginning of the year after my father told us all about it at Christmas and one of our teenagers was at there house and said you should get it mom and dad.

I totally agree that in Canada there are only two tv choices and so many people are brainwashed that these two are the only two and there are not other options. I am the first to say there are other options mainly the Boxee Box. There is only the initial investment and you are done.. no more bills and at the price of cable here in Canada it really only takes 1 to 2 months to recoup the money and then you save from then on out. It has to be one of the best decisions we have made.

I am aware of all the repositories that you can get also making even more apps available.

I plan to keep updating my families experiences on the Boxee but everyone that comes over and we show them what the Boxee does ... well let's just say everyone has purchased one... even our tv repair man. (really not joking)

The opinions I wrote here on the Boxee Box are just that my opinions.

SIDE NOTE: Make sure your tv has an HDMI port... some have purchased this and can't use it because they have an older tv.


  1. Cool. Our TV does do HDMI. Gonna pick the box up next week. Cable is going buh bye. Just have to make sure they ONLY cancel the TV not the entire thing which I've heard they do.

  2. Trust me we said many times.... and you are just cutting the cable right??? And that is all that got cut here. No regrets with it at all.