Copycat recipe: Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade

Monday, June 27, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

If you know me you know I have a thing for ice tea any kind of ice tea actually. So when I walked into Starbucks for the first time I was automatically drawn to the Ice tea drink and I noticed Green Tea Lemonade. I also love Lemonade so this was of course what I would order. It was so good I just had to figure out a way to make it. Because honestly it costs way to much for my liking.

5 bags of green tea

1 can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

Place tea bags in a glass measuring cup and fill to the 2-cup line with boiling water.
Let steep 3-5 minutes.
Discard tea bags and pour tea into a 2-quart pitcher.
Add 6 cups of cold water and lemonade concentrate.
Chill or if you are antsy and want to drink it right away like I did, pour into a glass filled with ice.

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