If you have a payless near you check it out!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 3 Comments

You really need to check it out.... seriously!
I scored some awesome deals for my daughter and me too!!!
They are end of season shoes but ask me if I care... and I can tell you my daughter doesn't care... three pairs for her... thanks to her growth spurt... she needed size 2 now... and a pair for me... because I couldn't pass up the price.

here is what I got:

White shoes for ME (like keds) reg. $32.99
White dress shoes (daughter) reg. $27.99
Copper flats (daughter) reg. $34.99
Brown slip on runners (daughter) reg. $29.99

total reg. $125.26
and I paid.... are you read... $6.43 for all 4 pairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is less than $1.61 for each pair of shoes!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

*NOTE - I am in Canada, Ontario to be exact!*


  1. I love deals, and I'm practically down the street in St.T as well.

    Do let me know where you scored these deals.

  2. yes, how on earth did you score that?!

  3. I got it in St T... if you bought 3 pairs of shoes or more... clearance ones of course... they took $12 off of my bill if my bill was over $15 which it was...

    and then tonight I was in London went to payless at white oaks... got my daughter her winter boots and another pair of shoes for less then $12... SCORE!!!!