Lamp Redo....

Wednesday, July 06, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

I was given a lamp that belonged to my grandma. I loved the look of it but brass was not for me... but since I was redoing my bedroom I thought I would paint it to match. So off I went to purchase some spray paint.. I already had the primer and sand paper... and I took it all apart... okay just the top off of it... sanded it... primed it... and then

Painted it to match my bedroom... then when I was out one day I seen these lovely lamp shades.... and I thought how perfect it would be for the lamp I had waiting at home.

This is the final product.... and I love it!!!!!

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  1. Okay, come on! You are so talented! First the bottles and now this lamp!? You have incredible vision, I could not have imagined the end result for either project, even after you described it, until I saw the photographs. Have you ever considered going into the design field?