New Boxee App... AOL HD

Thursday, July 28, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

If you remember back in the day AOL used to mail out CD's for you to connect to the internet where you would get say 50 free hours. Well AOL has now come out with a Boxee App. I downloaded it to my Boxee Box last night and the picture is great on it and I just kind of looked around it a bit to see the content it is pretty good too.

I want to do some more checking to see what is available in Canada on it. Because there is always the difference on what is available in Canada to the USA and to me it matters most what is available to the Canadian viewers.

Here is what the screen looks like when you open up the application. Like I said I am going to watch it some of it for the next few days and see the content available for us here in Canada. I will definitely write up a review of this after giving this app some viewing.

Check out the Boxee Blog for more info on this App.

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