Staying on budget

Saturday, July 09, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Today I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and Bulk Barn with a very small budget. My budget for today's purchases was $25. I love when I can challenge myself to stay on budget.. and it works. :)

First stop Shoppers Drug Mart... now grant you it was redemption day so that does help me stay on budget.

My purchases:
Swedish Berries (I thought I wasn't at $100)
Christie Crackers 1.99/box
Hershey's candy drops 3.99 ($1 off coupon)
RestorLax 31.99 ($6 off coupon)
Shampoo x2
Hair Spray
Antiperspirant x4 ($6 off coupons)
Waterproof mascara ($2 off coupon)
Lever Soap
Allergy Medicine
Paper Towel
Bacon strips (for the dog)
Milk and more....
$10 Timmies card (Free some deal they were offering)
Total out of pocket - $16.05 (minus $10 gift card) = 6.05

Second stop... Bulk Barn.... In this week's paper and actually I think every week lately they have spend $10 get $3 off.... so we stopped in to treat our girls. Kids have to have treats sometimes too!

The nuts are not for the girls.... oh I had to get the bazooka gum I wanted to read the comics... I loved bazooka joe as a child... anyway.... spent $8.47 here so all in all... I stayed within my $25 shopping budget and I got way more than $25 worth....

I love shopping days like this... my husband was smiling... all the way home with me... he likes when we can shop for so little and get so much.

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