Trying to Balance Ministry and Home Life

Saturday, July 30, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

This has been on my heart for a week now.

My husband is busy with his ministry at the church and the project he is currently working on will take about 80 to 100 hours... and the thing is it has to be done by the end of August for other ministries to operate effectively.

We are trying to balance home life and ministry and at times it seems a task that you can not balance. For me as my husband spends time away from home and his family to complete this task for his ministry I have to with a happy heart keep things going in a gracious way. A way that doesn't show how sometimes I am human and I just miss him so much... and want my family together for just one day. I will add that my husband works full time on top of his ministry and this project he is doing. He loves his ministry and misses us when he is doing projects like this but it is all for God's glory and that is something I am going to have to keep reminding myself during this time. Some prayer would greatly be appreciated as my time with my husband is going to be limited very limited and I am not really good at giving up what little time I do have with him already.

My heart has really opened up to the face that my ministry is here at home... and trust me I love that it is... I love maintaining my home for my family and anyone else who drops by. I love watching my daycare children they are really a bright spot in my day. They keep my young and at times keep my going during the day.

My home and family is my number one ministry for me, as a wife and mother. I guess me writing this all out just helped me get it all off of my chest so to speak so that I can now effectively continue my role as keeper of the house for my family.

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