Cutting the cord on TV

Monday, August 08, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

for us it was an easy decision to do away with cable because honestly it was getting way to expensive for us. It was money we didn't have in our budget. Are we missing it... NOPE not one bit. For what ever we want to see we stream online... on to our tv so we really think about it before watching it and in this day and age that is a good thing.

Have you ever looked around the room at a bunch of people watching tv and see how zoned out there are, not to mention the blank expression on their face. And when I talk to parents and they say my child's favourite tv show is this or that and their child is only 1 to 2 years old. I know many people use the tv so they can get some things done uninterrupted but I am going to be trying to think of creative ways to occupy my child while doing tasks around the house and for the most part I am going to try to include them in the task at hand and if I can't include them maybe some colouring or some craft project will help or maybe they can look at a book.

There are also many free educational sites online they can go to to learn. So that their time online when given time online it not spent playing mindless games but learning something too.

We are making a conscious effect to change our TV viewing and really think about what we are turning on before turning it on if that makes any sense at all.

Let me know if you have taken up the challenge of cutting the cord on your cable or satellite service. What do you do instead? We did have netflix canada but as of today is will be gone too... an extra $8 in our pocket thank you very much.

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