Getting through the Check Out.... with coupons and price matching

Thursday, August 04, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 4 Comments

The check out lane is so important when couponing. I know for me I first put the stuff up that I have no coupons for and will not be price matching.

I always go into the store with a list... a list of items I will be using coupons for and a list of items I will be price matching. Remember to bring your flyers you are price matching too. If you don't bring your flyers you can not price match.

If you are local to me... I am just letting you know that Freshco will only price match two items.. but if you go to Walmart they will price match all flyers for you and No Frills will also. Just a little tip from someone who does a lot of price matching.

As I put the items up I have coupons for... I put the coupon right with the item making the cashiers life a little bit easier if you ask me.. I am always thanked for doing this. I figure if it makes the line go smoother then I will continue to do this.

If I am price matching a few items from a store I put the store flyer on the belt with the items and coupons if I have them also. Again making it easier for the girl ringing me through. I will also say that I always choose non-peak times to shop... so I am not holding the line up at all. It really does help a lot if you do this.

Things will go smoother the more prep you do. That is something I have figured out over the years and I want this process to be as smooth as possible.


  1. A surprise to me to hear Freshco is only price matching 2 items. Did they change their policy recently?

  2. @Pam

    Last time I was there it was mentioned to me but I really think it depends on the cashier you get.

  3. great post Annie! it might inspire me to actually price match someday! i always get to the store and go 'oh man! i should have brought so and so's flyer with me!' :(

  4. I always price match and use my coupons, it saves my family so much money and it is so addicting too!