Maximizing your Coupons

Friday, August 05, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I have heard from many people that you only get coupons for items that are normally really expensive and this can be true when you use a coupon on an item at a regular price but trust me I don't use my coupons when things are at regular price. I like to maximize the benefit of using coupons so I wait until it goes on sale. It is easy to wait when you already have a stock pile and you don't need to run out and get the item at a moments notice. (now you see why I have a stock pile)

Read the weekly ads: to compare prices and see where the best deal is.

Match coupons: match the coupons you have to the sales. This is made easier for me by going to a wonderful website that basically does this already for me. It really has been a valuable resource for as far as couponing and finding out when deals are coming up.

Price Match: Some stores will price match as I said previously mentioned... Walmart and NoFrills are good for price matching.

Make a list: I always go with a list in hand so I do not miss any thing and it makes it easier for checking out and handing over my coupons.

Rainchecks: Remember to get a raincheck if they are out of an item so you can still get the deal at a later date.

Very Important Coupon Tip:
  • read your coupons and double check the expiry date

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