Where to find coupons and Organizing them...

Sunday, August 07, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

or more like where I find coupons.

I find coupons in my mailbox, in the local market that comes once a week, in the newspaper, on facebook and online at various website.

Some of the websites I go to for coupons are some of these are printable also:

Check your stores for tearpads, instore coupons, peelies and in store brochures.

Magazines often have coupons in them but remember to read the coupon as some magazines are from the USA and the coupons can not be used in Canada.

Contact the merchant directly... I get some awesome coupons this way. If you like Chapman's ice cream then email let them know and then ask for a coupon. Most of this can be done via email.

Let your friends know you are collecting coupons... if they are not using the flyers we get with them in maybe they will pass them on to you and your family to use.

Get together with others that use coupons and trade for ones you will not use for ones you will use.

Keeping your coupons organized is very important because if they are not organized you will not use them and using them is the whole point of having them. I used to organize mine in a binder but I have switched to a bag I guess you would say... it is organized into various sections that suit my family like:
  • snacks
  • breads
  • crackers/cookies
  • cereal
  • dairy
  • yogurt
  • freezer
  • cleaning products
  • medicine
  • baby
  • pet
  • you get the idea....
I will have some pictures to post before I post this to the internet I hope... life can get busy but I plan to add pictures. :)

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