Going to #sccto and I can't wait...

Thursday, September 15, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I know what most of you are thinking what is #sccto?

#sccto is a hashtag on twitter and it stands for She's Connected Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

It is the 2nd Annual Social Media Conference, connecting Brands & Top 200 Influential Digital Women.

From their webpage: "While there are conferences that cater specifically to top digital women and bloggers, and others that cater specifically to brands and agencies, ShesConnected is the ONLY one that brings them all together in a unique and interactive forum."

So now that you know a bit about the conference I spent some time today getting things ready to go by picking out a new outfit that was long over due. My husband even came along to give some input. It helped that I had $50off which worked out to 50% off my purchase. I have to be thrifty about my wardrobe even when attending a conference. Spending as little as possible and still looking good is my priority.

I am thinking about a shoe choice but honestly I have horrible feet and they don't like me, my feet that is. So I have to wear something on my feet so my feet feel good and comfy all night. No heels for this girlie I value my feet way to much to put them in heels.

So shoes are on my list to find ... comfy ones to wear to the conference! Anyone have any ideas on shoes???

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