Simplifying Christmas

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

How do you do Christmas?

Or maybe I should ask how do you gift buying?

In the real world which is where I live budgeting is essential. I have to budget everything with our very limited income. So we have a way of doing gift giving for our 4 children and this is how it goes:
  • something they WANT
  • something they NEED
  • something to WEAR
  • something to READ
I have found this has really simplified our gift giving at our house. Not just for Christmas but for birthday's as well. It also makes it easy to give others ideas for gifts for your children. I know fir us it does anyway. Their is only one thing that always goes for our house and that is on Christmas eve we all get new jammies and sometimes they are matching. Last year they were!

This also makes purchasing gifts throughout the year really easy since I can keep in mind the want, need, wear and read.

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  1. Annie - your posts are always wonderful and I must tell you that I often try to channel my inner-AnnMarie when I am shopping. I am a spending, not a saver, and I wish we had more money in the bank. I am trying harder than ever to budget and so I often imagine how you would do it. This Christmas idea of yours is just amazing. I just love it and plan on using it this year! BTW - give me some advice on how to stay within budget for the rest of the family, we always blow it when buying for the in-laws.