Time to revamp our Homeschool

Friday, October 21, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

First I am going to say that out of the box curriculum does not work for my child. I am not saying it will not work for your child but for my sanity and my child's sanity it is just not a good fit for us. I know initially it will be a bit more work for me but I have decided to go with the Charlotte Mason Approach. I have been researching this and using some of her approaches to learning for a while now and to be honest it seems to be what works for us.

I have decided to embrace her way of learning and teaching for both my child and myself so that we can continue on this learning process we are on and both continue to be happy. I turned to kijiji a local buy and sell site online and just decided to do a homeschool search and I felt like I hit the jackpot with 7 Charlotte Mason books about her teaching and one on unschooling all from the same person which meant a trip to one house and it was on our way to the Children's Museum we had planned to take our daughter to that day. BONUS!!! I also took this as a sign that I was walking through the right door being that I could afford the books and that they were just the books I was looking for.

I am sure the next little while you are going to find a lot of posts on Charlotte Mason Education and how it is working out for us. I have made a decision to stick with our Math U See curriculum because that is working also. Love that curriculum!

Off to do some reading!

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