Another University visit but not just another University...

Sunday, November 13, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 5 Comments

Today we ventured into Toronto to visit York University - Glendon Campus.

As we entered the campus area it almost seems like it is a little village on its own out of the big city. Seriously it was so peaceful there. I could get used to this place. Oops not looking for me we are looking for my daughter.

This campus is beyond words. My husband and I toured the campus with our daughter, on a beautiful fall day. The leaves were crunching below our feet the small but mighty campus was surrounded by beauty.

My daughter plans to major in Spanish at this time but can see so many more options and Glendon Campus. We toured the residence to find out all first year students get their own room unless they request otherwise. My daughter was happy to hear that. As a mother I was happy to hear of the security and to see the campus is so far away from the business of Toronto it is like you are not even there.

Although they are not a whole lot of Gluten free options for her on campus we were told that students with dietary restrictions such as our daughter are given a kitchen they can prepare their food and they also do not have to buy into the mandatory food plan for the full amount due to lack of food for them there. This is a bonus for us and definitely took a worry away for us.

The classroom sizes are small so it definitely creates an intimate classroom setting where you actually get to know both the fellow students and professor who is teaching you. Another plus! As a matter of fact after leaving Glendon Campus we could not think of a whole lot of minus' accept the lack of gluten menu but that is going to be an issue every where. So we can not fault them for that.

The info session was very informative and we took home so much information that we are grateful for. So as far as we could tell Glendon Campus Rocks!

We have one more university to tour next week but so far my daughter feels that Glendon has taken over the number one spot... it just felt like home as she said. Now she just has to get accepted.


  1. That sounds awesome! Good luck! Your newest GFC follower, stopping in from the Canadian Blog Hop.

  2. wow. i did not know your dd was gluten free. this is such a growing segment of the population right now that i hope people are paying attention and changing menus/ recipes because of it.

    york sounds lovely.

  3. So glad that you had such a positive experience here! Glendon is an awesome place to study Spanish, I'm currently working on my Trilingual iBA, so Spanish is one of my required courses and we have an amazing program, as I'm sure you heard! If you have any questions feel free to ask me or any other eAmbassadors! :)

  4. @Juan Garrido

    Thanks so much for making yourself available for questions I know my daughter plans to do the shadow for the day program in early February.