Anti-Bullying ....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 2 Comments

The whole concept of Anti-bullying is good but does it work?? Now that is the magical question. I really don't believe it works or it only works for a short time. Time and time again way to many times I hear of children/teens and even adults being bullied.

It breaks my heart to see the damage it can do first hand. I am a mother of a child/children who were bullied part of their life because they were different... too skinny, too tall, wore glasses, you name it they went through it. Was it fair no... did I try to do something about it yes I did and met with opposition by school officials who just brushed it under the rug. But this was my child and I wouldn't let it go.

I currently have only one child in public highschool here locally. And yesterday was anti-bullying day so what happens... a girl punches another girl in the head in the cafeteria at school and police are called... happy anti-bullying day... this is getting to be normal... why is violence to others okay and what makes children think it is okay to do to others.

I would never think to just go hit someone. I prefer helping others and not hurting. I think we need to change a generation of children who will reach out and help other and use their energies there instead of with violence.

Now to think of a way to do this.....

thoughts anyone???


  1. My son received some harsh treatment in his younger years at school and back then the term anti-bullying did not exist.
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  2. While a part of me thinks bullying will always exist in the school system, I do have high hopes that it is handled well by the teachers, principals and parents of the children involved.