Gluten Free.... we are on a journey

Friday, November 11, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 1 Comments

This week started our gluten free journey for our daughter who has been sick for so long. Thinking back this has probably been an issue for her all her life but was never diagnosed with it. Do I ever feel guilty about it.

So out with the guilt and time to change things so our daughter can get better and go off to university in the fall of 2012. I have a wonderful friend Rossana and she has a great blog Being Gluten Free that I am finding so helpful because she has recipes but she also keeps it real. After all I am trying to change the diet of a 17 year old who loves her carbs. So making this transition as easy as possible would be nice.

So off we are on this journey to make stuff for my daughter to eat that she enjoys. I don't want her to not enjoy her food because the girl needs to eat. So please jump on this journey into Gluten Free with me and I will be posting recipes that we love or that she loves and what is working for her.

Bad news is we were making all our dinners gluten free so she could just reheat it at school and they took all the microwaves out of the school this week.. not sure why and I might make a call to find out if they are coming back today.

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  1. We've just begun our Gluten Free journey about a year ago. We discovered my husband is Celiac so most of our cooking is now Gluten Free as well. It's astonishing how many things have gluten in them. Things you'd never guess including medicines and vitamins. It has really opened our eyes to things. Good Luck on your journey!
    New GFC and twitter follower from the blog hop. Hop on by sometime