Searching for the right university with my daughter in mind...

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My daughter is looking to figure out which university fit is right for her. She knows what she wants to major in... she is thinking along the lines of a double major and maybe a minor also and yes she realizes this means a bit more schooling but it truly is what she wants to do.

So today we ventured to Windsor, Ontario to visit one of her top three choices for Universities.

Today was their official Open House for perspective students and what a beautiful day it was.

After we paid to park so we could be closer to the CAW Student Building where most of the tours and information was for the day. Just made sense to us since we had our youngest daughter with us for the day. Once my daughter was registered at the welcome area where she registered in advance online, she was given a map, itinerary and a $13 lunch card.

Off we went to take a tour of the campus. Everything was well labelled and easy to find and we were greeted by a great tour guide Valerie K. She was really knew her stuff about Windsor. We got to see all the buildings and she pointed out what subjects they were mainly host to. The compact size of the campus is the biggest "pro" in my opinion. Everything is so close together making travel time very short.

We were able to tour two residences or we chose to tour two of them being Mac and Cartier. I have to say the preference of the two was definitely Cartier due to the layout and open feel of the residence. The downfall to the residence is that they do not have a dining hall in each residence but more on that later.

We went to the information fair on the upper level of the CAW Student Building. We checked out two specific areas of interest to our daughter and she was very impressed with all the information she got there.

We went to the dining hall Cafe Vanier I think they call or or basically their only Dining Hall on campus besides the cafes. Their only dining hall is just a glorified food court in my opinion. And only open Monday to Thursday and not all day just for limited times. I see this as a problem for my child, heck it would have been a problem for me. While I inquired more about food choices and places to eat with students around campus my husband and daughter attended the information session in Modern Languages.

The information was informative and they had many professors on hand to answer all the questions my daughter had. But in the end due to the lack of people in the program she is interested in there is a chance in a university of this size that the courses she wants could be cancelled. So that "con" has weighed very heavy in her decision to not have Windsor in her top 3 university choices.

I had a wonderful honest conversation with one of the tour guides while my husband and daughter attended the program info session and I asked her what she thought the biggest "con" was at Windsor and her reply was the lack of school spirit and school support for athletics and she wasn't even an athlete. She also told me if you want to know anything outside of your program then you need to search it out yourself because things are not well publicized at the school unless you have friends participating the various activities.

So thank you Windsor for the wonderful day... you were very friendly and honest and we greatly appreciate that as it has helped make a decision for my daughter. I do realize this university is a great fit for others but just not a good fit for what my daughter wants to major in.

Off to the next campus visit next weekend. I will come home with my review of that campus after our trip to Toronto.

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