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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 4 Comments

I thought I would do a post about me so my readers could really get to know me more and where I am coming from when I post on my blog. Okay it was requested by someone who visits my blog.

I am from a small city in Southwestern, Ontario where I am a mother of 4 children(through birth and adoption), 2 of my children no longer live at home. My only son lives in a city close by and is looking at attending university there. My oldest daughter is in Toronto where she attends university and works two part time jobs. My middle daughter is in her last year of high school so she will be off to university next year and last but not least is my youngest daughter she is 7.

I am spending my life with my soulmate and true love, I know it is mushy but it is how I feel. After being together for most of our lives he still gives me goosebumps.

I have been blessed with a wonderful extended family and great friends who are always there for us and to encourage us along the way.

The last three years of our life has been a bit of a journey. It all started when the company my husband worked for decided to announce it was closing permanently leaving my husband and many other unemployed. It was the last full time job my husband has had. Despite applying to jobs on a daily basis he continues to only get temporary employment at a wage that just can't support a family of our size.

We make the best of the situation and feel blessed with each day we are given to make a difference in someone's life to help make this world a better place. I like to encourage people that find themselves in a similar situation. I live very frugally out of necessity. I make most of what we eat and use in our house from scratch as to not to spend extra money on things that I can make for a fraction of the cost. You will find many frugal living posts on my blog as well as DIY laundry soap, hand soap and dishwasher detergent to name a few.

If I am feeling overwhelmed with life I often dive into my next passion a book. I find reading helps me take my mind off of things happening in my world that I have no control of. I truly don't sweat the small things and I think this comes from being a cancer survivor. You learn to place importance on the things that really matter.

I started my blog many years ago and in fact I think erased most of it back in the day. That is something I will always regret... erasing my former blog. Anyway I started blogging after we adopted our precious daughter who has many special needs and has so much fight in her to keep on going. She is one of those bright lights in my day, every day. I do home school my youngest daughter and I like to educate others in the choices that are available for educating.

My life has been a journey... but the last three years have been a journey most would not accept to go on but at the same time it has drawn us closer to who and what is important. It has given me a discernment like never before. It has given me more respect for others and their circumstances and at the same time it has given me a voice to help advocate for others going through similar situations.

Now with the thoughts of maybe relocating come summer for my husband to find a full time job we are a bit scared and excited. We are waiting to see where we truly should be going and what jobs might open up for him.

and that is all about me in a nutshell right now.

wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas.For some reason I loved hearing your story maybe because you are one of my favourite people out there. Anyways I hope we will hear more.


  2. @Paula Schuck

    And you my friend are one of my favourite people too!