Friday Confessional

Friday, December 30, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 4 Comments


First time joining Friday Confessional but I like it!!!

I confess... that all my Christmas decorations or any reminder of is gone from this house. I really did not enjoy Christmas at all this year.

I confess... that Christmas isn't all it is cracked up to be.

I confess... I know it is not going to be easy but there are some big changes in store for me and my family in the next year. Changes we are willing to accept and move forward with much anticipation.

I confess... that I am looking forward to 2012... so many things in store for me and I plan to keep walking through the doors as the open.

I confess... that for 2012 I am starting the year optimistic that things are going to get better and my husband will find a permanent job.

I confess... that I am going to try to read 100 books this year!!! I love to read so this should be pretty easy.

I confess... that this has been one of the worst years of my life... and at the same time it has been wonderful.