Looking back on 2011 ...

Saturday, December 31, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

As I sit here thinking about 2011 ... wondering what I will take away from it and what will come with me as I move forward. I remember the fondness I had for 2011 about last year this time... the dreams I had... the hopes and wishes. Well 2011 in general terms really didn't live up to its expectations. That my friends is the reality of it. That is also my reality in life.

But if I peel away the financial issues, health issues, the many deaths and job issues... what did 2011 give to me. Really it gave to me some amazing people in my life. I have my family... they are amazing!!! I have my friends who have been there over the years and still stick with me. I have my email rubies who well words can not express how I feel about these ladies.. faithful prayer warriors they are. I also have some wonderful people that have come into my life in the last 6 months of 2011. Amazing people they all are... so helpful... so hopeful, so wonderful!! Oh I said that already right.

I have a wonderful group of ladies that I travel with Rossana (our faithful driver), Wanda (our faithful co-pilot), Paula (our strong advocate for everything children and life in general), Christy (our always has a quirky story girlie) and Kelsey (our living my college years through her girlie). Oh I almost forgot Contessa who often gets confused around the tall buildings particularly in Toronto but her voice is so soothing and she is ever so polite you can't help but turn the right way. These women make me want to be a better person. You all should really meet them... they are great.

I was also blessed to go to a She's Connected conference in Toronto where I met so many wonderful people. My room mate, Tracy, was the best... I didn't know her until I got there but we really didn't get a whole lot of sleep we were too busy talking all night. Also it was on the second day of that conference that I met a very beautiful person inside and out, Cammi, what can I say so blessed to have you met you.

Then there are the wonderful people from a chat a attend every week... I would love to list you all by name but I am afraid to leave anyone out... love you all from #rbchat. There are also the various opportunities that have come my way in the last 6 months of the year and my wish is that they continue to come so that I can continue to do what I love to do.

I made it through my daughter running off to the big city and attending university leaving her mummy behind in the little city. I am still breathing to talk about it. So it must be an okay thing. I have made it through touring universities for my middle daughter to make her life decisions on what the future will hold for her. I have made it through another year of homeschooling my youngest daughter. So I guess looking back 2011 hasn't been all bad.

I am very grateful for the friends and people I have met this past year. Truly feel blessed to be able to call you all friends. Life is an up and down journey and right now I am holding on for the ride well at least I am still holding.

What will I miss about 2011... I will miss my grandma the most .... was blessed to have her for so many years.

With much anticipation I am looking forward to 2012, bring it on!!!!

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