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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 2 Comments

Have you actually sat back and looked at Pinterest and thought of the capabilities of it. What you could truly do if you had a product or brand you were thinking of promoting or are promoting.

If you ask people who are in pinterest most of them say it is truly addicting... hmmm well that makes me think. If so many people are spending time on pinterest this could very well be a marketing dream.

Many products are visual meaning they need to be seen to be appreciated. They get you when you see the product. Are you thinking what I am thinking right now? If most products are sold by being seen then why are we not using Pinterest to its fullest potential.

Why not create boards to help market your products or the products you are reviewing? For instance if you are selling scrapbooking supplies why not create boards to post layouts and projects with a list of supplies needed. If you sell cookware or food then create boards to do with cooking and post recipes of the wonderful food you have create with a list of products used. If you sell clothing they create boards with new looks and how they are put together. I am sure you getting the idea now. The possibilities are endless on how you can market your products and brands on pinterest. Just get creative and get the product out there.

What are you thought on pinterest do you think it could hold a key to selling and branding?

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Happy pinning!!!!


  1. I have thought the exact thing! I know should pin some layouts or something!

    I have also thought I really need to pin some of your blog posts

  2. @VMS and ScrapbookingOasis

    you really should you know.. pinterest can be a bigger resource then people imagine.