Starting the year off right...

Friday, December 30, 2011 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

The new year is upon us as a matter of fact only days away. And nothing like a fresh start to the New Year I always say. What do I mean by a fresh start? I mean a new set up notebooks ready to go to record my new year. To keep track of all my activities and those of my family for the year.

This year I have decided to go with the online calendar Cozi App on my cellphone and tablets and all synced to our comptuer as well. Check them out here: Cozi. I can keep track of everything from homeschool schedule, church activities, work schedules, and most important all my children's activities. I love how I can sync them all together so everyone knows what is going on all the time eliminating lots of questions every day because they should all be on top of things. That being said I will still have my blackboard posted in my kitchen and updated every week as a reminder as well.

I also plan to print up papers for a new housekeeping book that I love to store cleaning schedules in, new recipes I want to try and some decorating ideas. I have gone online for a lot of this stuff no... with Pinterest making it every easy to have all my recipes, decorating ideas and crafting ideas at my finger tips without worrying about losing track of papers.

What does starting the new year off right mean to you??? Is there anything you do to get ready for the new year a head of time? Do you have traditions that are a must do?

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